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Our Story

Ora and Itay, the directors of Ora’s Farm stumbled into farming a few years ago. After wanting a change in career, they bought a 12.5-hectare farm in the magical Mangawhai in 2016. Ora and Itay discovered when travelling around Europe, how prevalent mushroom farms are there, and the variety of mushroom types on offer. When they arrived back in New Zealand, they realised that only Button and Portobello mushrooms were easily accessible here, and they wanted to change that. Growing mushrooms is difficult; it requires patience, trial and error, and consistent results to grow the limited mushrooms strains that we have in New Zealand. However, Ora and Itay are committed to creating a sustainable, ethical, and honest business, growing 100% natural mushrooms.


Ora’s Farm brings natural, exotic and nutrient-dense mushrooms and mushroom products to the consumer. With the aim of introducing mushrooms into more Kiwi meals and to demonstrate to the public the health and nutritional benefits of eating mushrooms.


Ora’s Farm has now become New Zealand’s largest supplier of Oyster Mushrooms and has expanded to selling six different varieties of mushrooms. In 2019, Ora’s Farm was a finalist in the New Zealand Artisan Awards in the ‘Fresh Produce’ category.

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